Our Business Philosophy

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Appreciating Individual Uniqueness
Inspiring, Celebrating
& Crafting out uniqueness

Core Values

  • • Understand Individual Uniqueness
  • At our company, we recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of every individual. Whether it's our colleagues, customers, or businesses we interact with, we make it a priority to understand the distinct challenges they face. Our solutions are tailored to address these unique challenges, ensuring that every product we create inspires and caters to the uniqueness of its users.

  • • User-Centric
  • Putting the user first is at the heart of everything we do. When designing a product, engaging with clients, or delivering a service, we always consider the user's perspective. We ask ourselves, "how do we want the user to feel?" This user-centric approach guides us in crafting solutions that truly meet their needs and expectations.

  • • Customer Value
  • At Unicus, we believe in the uniqueness of every question asked, challenges tackled and the solutions sought after. For this reason our customers are worth much more than the business they bring, because we believe that every challenge provides a unique opportunity for a global solution and relevance.

  • • Innovation
  • Innovation is our driving force when it comes to solving challenges. We approach each situation with a fresh perspective, constantly seeking new and creative solutions. Our commitment to innovation extends not only to the development of cutting-edge solutions but also to the way we apply existing solutions in innovative ways.

  • • Excellence
  • Mediocrity has no place in our work. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, constantly striving to achieve results that surpass expectations. Whenever we believe we have reached the end, we ask ourselves, "is this the best anyone worldwide can achieve?" If the answer is "NO," we understand that our work is not yet excellent, and we push ourselves to go further.

  • • Simplicity
  • For us: Simple is Better!
    We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We strive to simplify complex processes and deliver streamlined solutions. By embracing simplicity, we enhance user experiences, improve efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary complexities.

  • • Commitment
  • Commitment is a fundamental value that guides our actions. We are dedicated to our objectives, timelines, and the individuals or businesses we serve. If there is any doubt regarding our commitment to any of these three entities, we prefer not to embark on the journey.

  • • Teamwork
  • Collaboration is key to solving problems effectively. We understand that we cannot succeed without the valuable contributions of our team members and clients. By fostering a spirit of teamwork, we leverage diverse perspectives and skills to achieve optimal outcomes.

  • • Flexibility / Adaptability
  • We embrace flexibility and adaptability as essential qualities in our approach. The ever-changing landscape of challenges demands that we remain open-minded, adaptable, and responsive. We willingly adjust our strategies, methods, and solutions to meet evolving needs, ensuring we remain effective in an ever-shifting environment.

  • • Professionalism
  • Professionalism is the bedrock of our interactions and conduct. We uphold the highest standards of professional behavior, treating all individuals with respect, integrity, and courtesy. Our commitment to professionalism fosters trust, credibility, and successful partnerships.

Work Culture

We cultivate a work culture that encourages Equality, Flexibility, Freedom, Creativity and Trust. This creates a conducive business environment for our team members and clients. It encourages that character, creativity and productivity that more and more business have come to love us for.

Our work style is truly flexible
Team members have flexible schedule and work on their own terms.

We have a pet-friendly workplace
We create working environment that is build around the life styles of our team members.

Work is fun!
It could be stressful, demanding and/or difficult but it's fun. If your work isn't fun, then you are doing the wrong job.

We only hire people who enjoy what they are doing
We do it because we enjoy doing it, not because we have to do it.

We hire the right character not the best skills
Wrong characters are toxic and infectious, skills could be developed

Growth and improvement mindset
Unicus attracts smart people and high achievers but are also humble, approachable and always looking for opportunities to improve themselves and the company.


When a solution is required, the cost shouldn't be an issue!
the budget might be tight, funds might be limited, but cost isn't an issue

We ensure our prices are fair, and we always ensure we provide more significant value than what's stated in the bills (value added services).
We know that some clients might be limited by their budget or by funds, but we flexible and prepared for such scenarios.

Payment Plans

We follow the standard policy of a minimum of seventy percent (70%) upfront payment all our project and services.
This means that, for regular bills, clients make payment in a maximum of two (2) installments - 70% of the bill would be paid before the project starts and the balance 30% at the end of the project, before it is delivered. However, for huge "bank busting" bills, clients might be allowed to pay in a maximum of three (3) installments - 40% of the bill would be paid before the project starts, another 30% would be paid sometime within the project duration (as stated within the Contract Agreement) and the balance 30% is to be paid at the end of the project, before it is delivered.

Legal policies

We are very passionate about providing solutions, and we wouldn’t like any incident to obstruct that, so we have taken our time set up a very solid legal structure that protects us as well as our clients from most foreseen business mishaps and misunderstandings. When doing business with us, you can be sure that we have done all within our capacity to protect you legally. This includes, but not limited to, legal recommendations and consultation, legal value added services and lots more.

If you require us to provide a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), Please download a PDF version Here

Here are our Policies & Terms of Service