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programming & other computing skills.

upskilling to get to the next level.

skills to express your creativity.

skills to aid business growth.

to become the best.

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Every journey begins with a step

Start your journey to achieving your business or career goals. Gain valuable knowledge and insights that would aid your progress every step of the way.

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3 simple steps to complete your program

  • Select a skill

    Whether you're a individual or a business, at the start or in the middle of your journey, here you can choose courses that are just right for you.

  • Customize your learning method to start learning

    Learn at your own pace, Create your own unique learning plan to fit your target, schedule and way of life.

  • Get Certified,
    Get Confidence

    Track your progress and receive a certificate from Unicus that can help boost your profile, CV and confidence.


Get valuable skills to thrive in a digital world

Grow your business or career with relevant, flexible and customized courses designed to help boost your confidence and help you thrive.

  • Discover knowledge and tools to make your business succeed
  • Relevant skills for the career you want
  • Improve your problem solving skills

Studying at Unicus Campus...
a unique learning experience

Interactive learning

At Unicus Campus, there is more to learning than the activities of the classroom. Students partake in various other activities that promotes social bonding.

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Learn to work in teams Teamwork is an integral part of our training courses. This also creates a perfect opportunity for you to network with others by working together.

Gain experience working with reallife project. Unicus Campus provide various industrial placement opportunities, to give students the opportunity to work on reallife projects.

Get other useful soft tech skills. boost your career and business with other related skills

Get Certified

Learn courses from providers like Google, Microsoft, and others and get certified


Create valuable relationships to aid business or career growth

Unicus Campus provides a unique learning experience that spans beyond the four walls of the classroom. From bond-building, fun social activities to exciting, expository events, you would be provided with various opportunities to create relevant relationships that would remain valuable long after classes.

Activities that cultivates
unique relationships
that builds the future

Life at Unicus Campus

At Unicus Campus, there is more to learning than the activities of the classroom. Students partake in various other activities that promotes social bonding.

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Games, sports and
the great outdoors. Learn to unwind. Go out, have fun, Get your head of the classroom for a while.

Tech & Business Talks Shows

Among other talk shows and seminars, Unicus ParkBench© expose students to top seasoned professionals from various walk of life

Success Stories


Unicus campus started with a bang with project ReShape 2018; were we transformed the lives of 20 persons, at a highly subsidize web development training course.
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Express your uniqueness, innovate, create the future your desire

At Unicus Campus we believe that the success of our learning programs lies within your success stories. For this reason, our upskilling and support programs don't stop at the end of your learning duration; rather we'll continue also provide you with the tools, support groups & communities, funding opportunities, industrial placement, and lots more, long after your training period, until you succeed.

Support communities that promotes
creativity, innovation & enterprenuership

Active support systems that works for you.

Unicus Campus provides a variety of support communities for student, enterpreneurs, and tech professionals

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