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Start your journey to becoming a professional techie. Learn how to create websites, mobile apps and other tech (IT) related skills.

Studying at unicus campus...
a unique learning experience

Learn Web Development

learn, develop, create and manage websites and web apps.

Tags: Html, Css, Php, Javascript, ux and ui design...

learn to work in Teams.
Team work is an integral part of our training courses.

Gain experience
by working directly on real-life projects.

listen and speak to other professionals

Learn Soft Tech Skills

Tech goes far beyond just programming and development
Learn other soft tech skills which are vital in tech industries.

Tags: Digital Marketing, Graphics Designing, Content Management, Data Analysis, Product Management, UI and UX designing, Sales Management, Financial Management, Business Management...

learn to unwind.
Student are allowed to partake in any unicus extracurricular activities like picnics, outings, game days, award nites...

Success Stories


Unicus campus started with a bang with project ReShape 2018; were we transformed the lives of 20 persons, at a highly subsidize web development training course.
Read more on unicus impact...


Tech For Business

Learn and Understand new emerging technologies and how they can help you grow your business.

Tags: Google Cloud, Google Docs, Google Business, Google Maps, You-tube, Google ads, Facebook Business, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Azure, Social Media, Basic Data Analysis, Introduction to Big Data.

from classroom to office. Students who are interested in job opportunities are transferred to work in other companies or retained to work at Unicus.

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