Project Wave

Project Wave is the biggest tech event focus on campus innovation in Africa. At Project Wave, we inspire and educate young aspiring innovators in campuses across Africa. we Inspire, we Educate, they innovate

Project Ecdysis

Unicus embarked on a non-profit initiative to inspire a economic and tech revolution in the city of Warri. This project started with the creation of websites, mobile apps and digital marketing campaigns for these businesses/companies for FREE.

Unicus KidsCode

KidsCode is an amazing platform where kids can learn valueable tech skills like how to write codes, create beautiful websites/mobile apps, graphics design, animations and more, during their holiday season.

Project Reshape

At Project ReShape, our goal is to training and outsource 20 developers to become world class developers in our local communities, so they too can reshape the tech community in those locations and people around them.

Unicus Communities
Techies by Unicus

A group for techies or aspiring techies to learn, connect and grow

Campus Innovation Group (CIG)

A community of students interested in innovation