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Software Engineering & Development

We create websites, web apps, mobile apps, and/or PC apps. From simple MVPs or just a PoC to robust complex applications, we have all your tech needs covered! We are experienced in the development of various scale of software solutions. We also assist with product scaling and maintenance, growth hack & data analysis, and lots more....Read more

Working With Unicus.
Our Approach
Ideation & Design
Prototyping & MVP
Support & Scaling

We'll begin with you from ideation and stick with you, all the way, to maintaining and scaling (growing) the product.

HTML CSS Javascript React Php NodeJS ExpressJS MySQL Mongodb Firebase Java Flutter Dart ...

With Unicus you can be sure of getting the most suitable, scalable, and budget-friendly technologies for your products.

Our Unique Advantages
Fast-loading, elegant and reliable apps
Full-cycle development
Transparent development process
Adaptive collaboration

We'll develop your product with these key factors in mind (among others) while making sure you are carried along every step of the way.

Why You Need Software Solutions.

One major advantage of software solutions is that it has the potential to increase productivity and profit while reducing the cost of operation. Consider an app, for example, it has the potential to extend your services to new customers outside the reach of your physical store location, without the extra cost of renting a new business location. A website ensures that you are always opened for business, to receive inquiries and requests anytime, anywhere, with paying for overtime or hiring new labour ...

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Select from a wide range of helpful products that could aid your creativity, increase speed, boost productivity, efficiency and income.

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Talent Outsourcing - Building a remote team.

We provide a wide range of top tech professionals from around the world, to complement your existing tech team or build your remote tech team from scratch, to help you achieve your goals faster without worrying about the overhead. We could Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) (i.e Nearshoring), Hire Specialized Talent, Empower Recruitment Teams, implement a Follow-the-sun Hiring Model or just simply build a remote team, depending on your particular business needs....Read more

Outsourcing with Unicus.

We identify the best-fit professional for your needs from our vast pool of dedicated talents, using our proprietary data-driven, matching algorithm to strategically create your offshore or nearshore remote team, timely and within budget.

Software Engineer

Our Process

Understand your talent needs
Screen best-fit candidate
Review selected candidates
Prepping for remote operations
Facilitate onboarding

Just tell us what you need,
We'll take care of the rest.

UI/UX Designer
Our Unique Advantages
We provide teammates, not temporal workers

Our professionals all have the mindset of contributing to your success as teammates, not just working like temporal or parttime workers

We provide a complete support system

We provide a complete support system for our clients and the team members they hire. From HR and Management support for clients to advocate groups and upskilling opportunities for team members.

Our processes are data driven

Using our smart data-driven, matching algorithm to strategically create your offshore or nearshore remote team, timely and within budget.

We're engaged in the talent development process

We are dedicated to the continous development of new/existing talents, to fit whatever tech skill you require. We facilitate technical trainings through Unicus Campus (our dedicated tech training institute) & in collatoration with other organisations.

Legal Adviser
The benefits of outsourcing.

Outsourcing can greatly increase your overall efficiency and productivity of your business. By outsourcing you free your business from some of the stress associated with hiring and you can easily focus on other pressing areas. Below are three (3) main advantages of outsourcing -

  • * Reduce your time-to-hire,
  • * Save more on workforce cost,
  • * Helps you achieve your goals faster.

Countless studies show that diverse teams are more effective and profitable. Different experience, cultures, and viewpoints contribute to well-rounded and solid solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems. With outsourcing, you don’t need to be a tech giant to attract great tech talent ...

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Blockchain / Distributed ledger technology (DLT) Consulting & Development

Are you considering blockchain technology as a solution to any particular business case? Our blockchain experts can help you determine the opportunities and hidden risk when using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to develop a business solution....Read more

At Unicus
Blockchain Consulting

Consult with unicus to learn about the purpose of blockchain technology and its strategic application in your particular case. Through a series of meetings and/or workshops, we help you identify your needs, define the value of DLT in your specific case, and devise a roadmap for further action.
We'll assist you with project ideation and design sprints that help you arrive at a technical use-case definition or develop an initial blockchain solution, ideas, or prototype, blockchain smart contracts, and architecture design services that lay the foundation for your business solution

DeFi Product Development

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the use of decentralized networks or applications (dApps) built on blockchain to enable various financial services.
By using dApps and DLT, DeFi allows for permissionless financial operations to be conducted within a peer-to-peer network.
The goal of DeFi product development is to redefine traditional financial services such as lending, trading, investment, payment, insurance, and others by disrupting the role of intermediaries.
We develop products for DeFi systems using dApps and distributed ledger technology.

dApp Development

Decentralized Applications (dApps) are open-source applications that are used to interact with smart contracts that run on a peer-to-peer network of servers. These applications can be based on a variety of blockchain platforms. Since dApps don’t rely on central servers, this vastly reduces the risk of failure, making them more reliable than traditional applications.
From token integration to frictionless UX design, Unicus provides end-to-end dApp development services powered by a hard-working team of blockchain engineers, full-stack developers, and UX designers.

Smart Contract Development

A smart contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is stored on a blockchain, such as Ethereum or EOS. Every such contract has a predefined set of rules and conditions and is automatically executed when those conditions are met. These contracts are guaranteed by the consensus of the whole blockchain network. They cannot be altered by anyone unless the whole network approves of the change
We provide full-stack blockchain development services including smart contract development, consulting, and auditing for both public and private blockchain.

Token Offering

A token is a representation of а digital asset or access rights that can be traded. Tokens are usually managed by one or several smart contracts and are based on a blockchain platform (distributed ledger).
The tokenization of digital assets has enabled various new fundraising and trading opportunities in industries like real estate, equities and investment funding, intellectual property but also luxury goods, art, and even sports.
We offer Security Token Offering services including token creation and integration, as well as the creation of an investment platform development for token offerings.

Crypto Wallet Development

A blockchain wallet or a cryptocurrency wallet is an application that is used for the transfer of digital transactions or cryptocurrencies between users of a particular blockchain network and triggering blockchain smart contracts. The wallet also provides access to its holder’s digital transaction history, as well as their balance. It serves as their blockchain identity and account.
We specialize in web and mobile cryptocurrency wallet development. This includes both custodial and non-custodial wallets. We also develop smart wallets and can offer wallet and crypto payments integration.

DAOs and COs

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and Continuous Organizations (COs) are two types of decentralized blockchain solutions for the governance of organizations. Some of the main use cases for DAOs and COs are investment funds (for profit or not for profit), digital cooperatives, and Web3 communities.
To achieve their goals, both of these solutions are run by smart contracts and complex crypto-economic principles.
DAOs’ main purpose is to automate and decentralize the governance of organizations, such as corporations. The structure of DAOs is flat and depends on the operation of smart contracts to enforce rules and decisions within the organization.
You could consult with us if you are considering developing a DAO or CO solution

MVP & PoC Development
(Enterprise Blockchain Services)

Prototyping a system or a solution is one of the most important enterprise blockchain services that a professional company can offer. As one of the early stages of the development process, prototyping is not only crucial for testing the viability of a concept, it can also play a crucial role in the success of a project by laying a solid foundation to support further development.
It all starts with developing a proof of concept (PoC). This step should not be underestimated, as having a solid PoC can lead to significant benefits. PoC development provides a quick and cost-efficient way to assess an idea in a safe environment and determine whether it can lead to a viable solution.
At Unicus, we understand that the work done during the prototyping phase can make or break a blockchain project. That’s why we offer a suite of enterprise blockchain services designed specifically to help projects navigate through the prototyping stage and later support them into moving the solution to production and support it.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Blockchain Technology.

Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking of cryptocurrency whenever you hear the word blockchain. However, blockchain has come a long way since its inception in 2008 as a public transaction ledger for Bitcoin. In recent times, blockchain technology has greatly evolved into one of the world’s fastest-growing and most publicized technologies with the potential to reshape our economy and society in ways not seen since the advent of the internet.
At the core of every blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). With DLT an SME like yours can get all the same benefits from blockchain that a corporation gets. This includes the decentralized nature of the technology, which removes middlemen ...

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Data Science, Machine Learning & AI Consulting and Development

Take advantage of the latest advancements in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science to boost the growth of your business.

We offer a comprehensive suite of machine learning, data analytics, and AI offerings in the context of business management, engineering, and R&D. In simpler words; this means that we can help you with data gathering and analysis to determine how to develop, and where to aim your AI at to squeeze the most ROI and, of course, take care of models' development/implementation and deployment.

We’re not here to offer you technically complex, cumbersome, over-engineered solutions that bring no tangible value. We only build AI models through which organizations solve high-impact business challenges fast.

By extracting value and insights from data where the data or problem has a strong engineering or scientific focus. We provide consulting services and analytics-as-a-service; supported by methodologies for Trusted AI in industrial environments and AI deployment at scale (AIDevOps).
...Read more

Working With Unicus.

Unicus' Data Science services cover the entire ML model building lifecycle. We take care of everything from data collection to AI model engineering, deployment, and maintenance. We'll build and fine-tune predictive analytics solutions that will help your organization make better predictions, enhance optimization, improve decision-making.

Our Approach

First, we analyze your current workflows and figure out how to incorporate AI, then we build the infrastructure for efficient data collection, data flow, exploration, and transformation, within your existing workflow. We can now move on to rapidly deploying and integrating ML & AI solutions. Finally, we would manage, optimize and expand your new or existing AI capabilities.

Our Unique Advantages

- We always ensure we get a clear understanding of your business needs, goals, available data resources, etc. We only build models that fully suit your requirements.

- We figure out which business problems could be solved better with AI and in which areas the application of machine learning can bring the most ROI.

- We have vast experience in building, training, and deploying Machine Learning algorithms of various types

How SMEs can boost business growth with data science, machine learning and AI.

One ...... ...

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Brand Designing and Digital Marketing Agency

With inspired, well-thought-out brand designing and data-driven, insightful, strategic, & automate digital marketing systems we can greatly improve your brand's appreciation and marketing outcomes.
Please visit Pixels for services within this scope.

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Talent Development & Training Programs

Get valuable knowledge that would:
* Improve your tech skills
* Help you discover new technologies to aid business success
* Prepare you for the career you want. ...Read more

At Unicus
Talent Development
(For Individuals & Enterprises)

We provides several learning opportunities designed to build your confidence and help you & your business thrive in a digital world. From starter's courses such as Computer Appreciation, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Microsoft Excel to more advanced programs like Software Development (i.e how to create websites, web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps), Machine Learning, A.I, Data Science, we design flexible and personalized training courses for individuals or enterprises looking to upskill their tech (I.T) talents.
We also provide private & corporate training programs, STEM programs, basic & tertiary tech training institutes.

Unicus Campus
(A Tech Training Institute)

Unicus Campus is a fully dedicated tech training institute designed to meet the training needs of individuals looking to become certified tech professionals capable of designing, regulating, and overseeing the digital developments and infrastructures of the developing digital world. Since 2018, Unicus Campus has graduated hundreds of developers, engineers, tech professional, business owners and entrepreneurs from over 23 countries worldwide.

Unicus Academy
(A School For Tech)

Unicus Academy is an elementary school aimed at creating a sound and solid tech foundation for kids, right from their early years to their graduation years, thus propelling them into any career with a tech-driven advantage.

Sponsored Training Programs
(Programs by Unicus Impact )

Unicus Impact brings the best of Unicus' abilities to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges — combining funding, innovation, and technical expertise to support communities and provide an opportunity for everyone. It turns out that a big part of achieving this objective is by creating free training programs and learning platforms that could inspire creative ideas to create economic opportunities in these communities.
Click Here to check for ongoing programs you could participant in.

Benefits of Upskilling.

Well ...... ...

Visit Unicus Campus

Unicus Campus is a fully dedicated tech training institute designed to meet the training needs of individuals looking to become certified tech professionals capable of designing, regulating, and overseeing the digital developments and infrastructures of the developing digital world. Since 2018, Unicus Campus has graduated hundreds of developers, engineers, tech professional, business owners and entrepreneurs from over 23 countries worldwide.

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