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Training Programs, Talent Development & Upskilling. Learn, upskill, & launch your tech career. Learn, upskill, & launch your tech career.

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Talent Development Programs
(For Individuals & Enterprises)

Get valuable knowledge that would:
* Improve your tech skills
* Help you discover new technologies to aid business success
* Prepare you for the career you want
* Boost your relevance in a digital world.

We provides several learning opportunities designed to build your confidence and help you & your business thrive in a digital world. From starter's courses such as Computer Appreciation, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Microsoft Excel to more advanced programs like Software Development (i.e how to create websites, web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps), Machine Learning, A.I, Data Science, we design flexible and personalized training courses for individuals or enterprises looking to upskill their tech (I.T) talents.
We also provide private & corporate training programs, STEM programs, basic & tertiary tech training institutes.

Unicus Campus
(A Tech Training Institute)

Unicus Campus is a fully dedicated tech training institute designed to meet the training needs of individuals looking to become certified tech professionals capable of designing, regulating, and overseeing the digital developments and infrastructures of the developing digital world.
Since 2018, Unicus Campus has graduated 100s of developers, software engineers, engineering managers, and tech entrepreneurs from over 12 developing countries worldwide.

Unicus Academy
(A School For Tech)

Unicus Academy is an elementary school aimed at creating a sound and solid tech foundation for kids, right from their early years to their graduation years, thus propelling them into any career with a tech-driven advantage.

Sponsored Training Programs
(with Unicus Impact)

Unicus Impact brings the best of Unicus' abilities to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges — combining funding, innovation, and technical expertise to support communities and provide opportunity for everyone. It turns out that a big part of achieving this objective is by creating free training programs and learning platforms that could inspire creative ideas to create economic opportunities in these communities.