Talent Outsourcing

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Talent Outsourcing with Unicus. The simplest & fastest way to build your remote teams with various tech professionals. Build your remote teams with tech professionals from around the world.

Active teammates not passive temps
Wouldn't you prefer professionals who contributes teammates, than temporal workers who are passive?

What We Do

We provide a wide range of top tech professionals from around the world, to complement your existing tech team or build your remote tech team from scratch, to help you achieve your goals faster without worrying about the overhead.

We could Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) (i.e Nearshoring), Hire Specialized Talent, Empower Recruitment Teams, implement a Follow-the-sun Hiring Model or just simply build a remote team, depending on your particular business needs.

Just tell us what you need,
We'll take care of the rest.


Our Process

Understand your talent needs
Screen best-fit candidate
Review selected candidates
Prepping for remote operations
Facilitate onboarding

We identify the best-fit professional for your needs from our vast pool of dedicated talents, using our proprietary data-driven, matching algorithm to strategically create your offshore or nearshore remote team, timely and within budget.


What makes us unique

We provide teammates, not temporal workers

Our professionals all have the mindset of contributing to your success as teammates, not just working like temporal or parttime workers

We provide a complete support system

We provide a complete support system for our clients and the team members they hire. From HR and Management support for clients to advocate groups and upskilling opportunities for team members.

Our processes are data driven

Using our smart data-driven, matching algorithm to strategically create your offshore or nearshore remote team, timely and within budget.

We're engaged in the talent development processes

We are dedicated to the continous development of new/existing talents, to fit whatever tech skill you require. We facilitate technical trainings through Unicus Campus (our dedicated tech training institute) & in collatoration with other organisations.


We know it doesn't just end with the production team,
so we've got everything covered.

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  • Save more on workforce cost,
  • Helps you achieve your goals faster.

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