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Data Science, Machine Learning & AI Consulting and Development Boost your activities with AI. Data driven boost for your business activities with machine learning and AI.

AI is doing everything nowadays
Let's help you make sense of this entire AI buzz, and see how you can apply it to business

What We Do

We offer a comprehensive suite of machine learning, data analytics, and AI offerings in the context of business management, engineering, and R&D. In simpler words; this means that we can help you with data gathering and analysis to determine how to develop, and where to aim your AI at to squeeze the most ROI and, of course, take care of models' development/implementation and deployment.

We’re not here to offer you technically complex, cumbersome, over-engineered solutions that bring no tangible value. We only build AI models through which organizations solve high-impact business challenges fast.

By extracting value and insights from data where the data or problem has a strong engineering or scientific focus. We provide consulting services and analytics-as-a-service; supported by methodologies for Trusted AI in industrial environments and AI deployment at scale (AIDevOps)..

Working with Unicus

Unicus' Data Science services cover the entire ML model building lifecycle. We take care of everything from data collection to AI model engineering, deployment, and maintenance. We'll build and fine-tune predictive analytics solutions that will help your organization make better predictions, enhance optimization, improve decision-making.

Our Approach

First, we analyze your current workflows and figure out how to incorporate AI, then we build the infrastructure for efficient data collection, data flow, exploration, and transformation, within your existing workflow. We can now move on to rapidly deploying and integrating ML & AI solutions. Finally, we would manage, optimize and expand your new or existing AI capabilities.

Our Unique Advantages

- We always ensure we get a clear understanding of your business needs, goals, available data resources, etc. We only build models that fully suit your requirements.

- We figure out which business problems could be solved better with AI and in which areas the application of machine learning can bring the most ROI.

- We have vast experience in building, training, and deploying Machine Learning algorithms of various types

AI is doing everything nowadays
Let's help you make sense of this entire AI buzz.

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