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Software Development at Unicus Let's increase your profit with a Web, Mobile and/or PC app. Let's increase your profit with a Web, Mobile and/or PC app

Building & growing together
We know that product development does not stop at building, so we stick with you all the way.

We build websites, web apps, mobile apps, and/or PC apps, to aid your business operations, or as a marketable product for your business.
You might need a simple MVP, Prove of Concept (PoC), or robust complex applications, we have all your tech needs covered. We are experienced in the development of various scales of software solutions, and best of all, we don't just stop at developing, we also assist you with product scaling, maintenance, growth hack, data analysis, and lots more.

Developing With Unicus

Our Approach

Ideation & Design
Prototyping & MVP
Support & Scaling

We'll begin with you from ideation and stick with you, all the way, to maintaining and scaling (growing) the product.


HTML CSS Javascript React Php NodeJS ExpressJS MySQL Mongodb Firebase Java Flutter Dart ...

With Unicus you can be sure of getting the most suitable, scalable, and budget-friendly technologies for your products.

Our Unique Advantages

Fast-loading, elegant and reliable apps
Full-cycle development
Transparent development process
Adaptive collaboration

We'll develop your product with these key factors in mind (among others) while making sure you are carried along every step of the way.

Building & growing together
Product development does not stop at building, neither do we.

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